This blog is all about EFFECTIVE INNOVATION.

The best concepts in innovation management, product  development and team building are applied to give you simple, actionable frameworks that you can use while creating new products.

We are fascinated by Design Thinking, Lean Start-Up and Agile Management.


Innovation Fast blog is created by Andrey Schukin.


I am passionate about product innovation, team dynamics and creative problem-solving, which drives me always to be on the lookout for new, more efficient ways to create better products.


For those of you who value experience: for last 12 years I was involved in managing most stages of new product development. That includes market research, idea selection and proof, IP protection, engineering, manufacturing implementation and product commercialisation. Throughout my career, I have been working with large international corporations as well as small start-ups in Sweden, UK and Switzerland, in a wide range of different industries: from power generation and offshore engineering to consumer electronics, telecom, microscopy and medical devices.


I believe that we can add even more value to others if we keep on learning and broadening our own horizons.

Hence, my education is a somewhat explosive mix of engineering, business management, language studies and psychology: one MSc in Mechanical Engineering, another one in Creativity and Innovation Management, couple of years learning various languages and, in addition, a Licensed NLP Practitioner Certificate, received directly from the co-founder of NLP, Richard Bandler. I think I manage to use all of this knowledge pretty well in the exciting field of product innovation.


I am the author of The Innovation Deck (do check it out and see if it’s something for you) – a deck of cards that helps engineers to develop better products, and have been invited as a guest speaker for courses in Problem Solving and Innovation Management at the leading universities in Switzerland and Hong Kong.


At the moment I reside on the shore of Lake Zürich in one of the most innovative countries of the world – Switzerland (No.1 in Global Innovation Index 2012 and 2013)


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